• I wish to unsubscribe
    If you wish to unsubscribe from listiGo , you may send an email to support@listigo.com with your email address and cell phone number used to verify your registration.
  • What to do in case of conflict with a colleague?
    In case of problem with a colleague within the framework of a transaction, it is possible to seize the college of control by motivating your request. To refer to the control college, you must go to the user's file and click on the button "request the control college".
    The control college, under the presidency of the general delegate of the association Partage+, will deal with the problem and will try to settle the conflicts.

  • How does the rating system work?
    At any time it is possible to leave an evaluation to any user. This system allows you to self-regulate the behavior of the platform's users. 

    The evaluation can concern: a visit, an offer, a contact or a transaction. Each evaluation is then available on the user's profile.

  • Am I forced to respond to a request for an appointment?
    Yes, the principle of the platform is to put in contact professionals who have a mandate and professionals who have a potential buyer. If you are late in responding or if you do not respond to a request, you run the risk of causing dissatisfaction. Don't forget that a rating system exists and that it allows you to rate each transaction or each person.
  • Can I post an offer if I don't have certified status?
    No, you must complete your certification and provide your professional credentials in order to post an offer
  • How can I publish my offers automatically?
    To publish your offers automatically, you just have to create a gateway between your software and listigo. Go to "My agency > Edit my profile", then select the software and save. We will contact your software publisher

  • Can I set the amount of my commission split?
    Yes it is possible, for that go to the menu "My activity > My properties", select a property and choose the percentage of commission
  • Is it free?
    listiGo is totally free for all real estate professionals.
  • The real estate agency or network I work for is not yet in listiGo, what can I do?
    In order to be able to share your mandates and contact other professionals who share mandates, it is essential for listiGo to be able to verify that you are a professional and that you have a professional card. If you are a collaborator in an agency and this agency is not yet registered on listiGo, you can send us the contact information of your manager so that we can contact him/her, or you can ask him/her to open an account on listiGo.

  • I haven't received my business card yet, can I start my business with listiGo?
    If you are a real estate agent, you must provide us with a copy of your business card to finalize your certification and take advantage of all the features.

    If you are a salaried negotiator, sales agent or representative, you can request to be attached to your agency's business card during the certification process. If you are not yet in possession of your card, you can obtain the "Validated" status which will allow you to benefit from all the functionalities for 3 months

  • I have guest status and I can't contact the agency
    This is quite normal, you are still a beginner on the platform and you need to finalize your registration by taking your certification. The certification will allow you to benefit from all the features.

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